Becoming of Being (ontology)

Becoming of Being (ontology)

Back to where I started

Cross a standing wave to write down a node

When silence attempts to speak

Where my sight greets to opposite the light 

The Indeterminacy of writing occurs

To write is to memorize. Entangled awareness once fused. 

When I retrieve the memory, I am looking through the time lenses so aimed. Each aligned node transmits the waves of life.

     The beginning of every moment initializes a new world. Emptiness is a liberating insight that all things have no inherent existence or a permanent definition, as everything is interconnected and constantly changing, realizing emptiness through intuition. Therefore, liberates the world beyond appearance with the mind free. Relatively, the alternating space intersects, and the attention stays in the momentary calmness, achieving a state of complete awakening without thought, the potential of an empty heart that always gives and is filled with the love it is given. 

     The senses are the entrances to the world, like light beams receive the flowing dust. With each sense channeling the light, a continuous connection emerged in the spectral realm. Our perception converts external energy into neural impulses, like roots reaching the presence of an aware lake that is always silent till it fluctuates. Enter the world, and the world is entered as two mirrors facing each other. What I perceive becomes a part of me, and I realize everything is its original entity ('null'). 

     Watchfulness of the present is an infinite path. All eyes open converge to the visible world, and eyes close to see every inner realm. 


     Where does the universe begin? Space began to expand and cool at the beginning of time. Darkness spreads until light can pass through the space.

     The first element - the hydrogen atom, has only one electron that moves around the nucleus—the possibility of one electron occurring, forming the electron cloud distribution in space. 


[fig.1 Hydrogen wave function |(n),(l),(m)>]

     One electron moves around the nucleus, quantum number (n) represents the orbits. As the principal quantum number increases, the range of orbital domains becomes larger and the outer electrons of the atom will be at higher energy levels and less bond by the nucleus. 

     At the same time, when an electron orbits around a nucleus, it also has angular momentum. The azimuthal of the electron determines the radiation shape of the electron cloud. 

     (l=0, the electron cloud is spherically symmetrical; 

      l=1, the electron cloud is dumbbell-shaped; 

      l=2, the electron cloud is quadruple petal)  

     The electron rotation is equivalent to a circular current. It generates a magnetic field, which will have a different orientation in the action of the magnetic field.

     Every time I think of the sun, the sun is fusing hydrogen atoms in its core at this moment, as if the first element was born in the primordial. Protons collide freely and fly apart. One of the protons eventually decay into a neutron in the collision and bond with another in the nucleus and stabilizes. Electrons are attracted and move freely around the nucleus. [1H→2H→3H→He]

     In the core of the sun, hydrogen atoms in close proximity to the sun’s fiery core and extreme gravity overcome the electrical repulsion and nuclei barrier, breakthrough become a new element — helium. The fusion releases a large amount of energy, photons emitting from the core as sunlight. The radiation outward counteracts the gravitational force and collapses the sun inward. This balance between gravity and pressure allows the sun to reach a stable equilibrium, where it remains for billions of years.

    Life is constantly entwined with the unseen spectrum of electromagnetic waves… Since the age of telecommunication, we have lived with radio, mobile phones and Wi-Fi internet, Bluetooth, microwave and remote controls, telescopes, and satellites, data streams are continuously transmitted and received in various directions on an ever-growing scale on Earth. Swiftly enveloping the world, captures and reflects the universe. Besides the sunlight and lightning, the electrical signals that encode human consciousness flickering and streaming through the environment, like the spontaneous light of fish in the deep sea. The Anthropocene illuminates the darkness and roaming through the solar networks.

    ‘Who are we?’

    ‘Who am I?’

     When this awareness awakens, we are being this answer itself. 

    One ripple is the ocean. One ray of light is the sun. 

    The awakening of one awareness is the free will of all.

      A point moves up and down creating a standing wave, 

     When a wave moves, it becomes a traveling wave ~ transmitting energy ~

There are only my footsteps bind me to the path, one step over the deepest rift

Crouch at the bottom of a rose-sonic valley

Hollowing out the fresh soil

Hand-in-hand tainted with light taken away by the Sun

Open hands and all is held


‘Virtual particles are not in the void but of the void. They are on the razor edge of non/ being. The void is a lively tension, a desiring orientation toward being/becoming. The vacuum is flush with yearning, bursting with innumerable imaginings of what could be. ......Jubilation of emptiness.’ 

- Karen Barad <What Is the Measure of Nothingness? Infinity, Virtuality, Justice>

于因果生灭的依他起性 由于空去遍计所执而显的真实性,即圆成实性 圆成实性不空,由于因空所显,所以也称为空性 等说一切法性空,这是不了义的


insight realize everything through intuition(觉) liberate beyond the appearance with a mind free

fruitful emptiness

无量 可约量化 空与有,是相成而不是相破的 


凡是因待而有的,既是无自性的(self) 无自性所以是空的

空,所以是缘起有的 一切的一切,如幻如化 






摘自 中观 唯识 龙树《中论》《大智度论》鸠摩罗什译 


 ‘To be entangled is not simply to be intertwined with another, as in the joining of separate entities. … This is not to say that emergence happens once and for all, as an event or as a process that takes place according to some external measure of space and of time, but rather that time and space, like matter and meaning, come into existence, are iteratively reconfigured through each intra-action, thereby making it impossible to differentiate in any absolute sense between creation and renewal, beginning and returning, continuity and discontinuity, here and there, past and future.’

 ‘Ethics is not a geometrical calculation; "others" are never very far from "us"; "they" and "we" are co-constituted and entangled through the very cuts "we" help to enact. Cuts cut "things" together and apart. Cuts are not enacted from the outside, nor are they ever enacted once and for all.’

- Karen Barad <Meeting the Universe Halfway>

    Entanglement is innate, entangled in pairs and different from each other, as above and below, as left and right, like the gradual reduction of gravity that levitates our feet. 

    In other words, the quantum states of two or more particles become interdependent and entangled, even if large distances separate them, they will react to each other instantaneously. 

    The ‘To be or not to be’ question touch on the state of entangled. Either take arms against trouble or by opposing end them. Either to dream — meeting another possibility midway affirms the dynamics of reality.


    Just as in thermohaline circulation, liquids flow differently and do not mix together, differences eventually separate human beings. There are vivid and mutually reinforcing differences that form the diversity of the world. On the other hand, the incompatibilities between individuals and collective, such as ethnic and religious, poverty and wealth, civil wars, and conflicts between nations, caused destruction. 

   In the situation of epidemics, wars, and natural disasters, when we undergo the suffering of others from a distance, our connections with others enhance our inner strength and expand our capacity to rebuild and support each other. 

   If we look for solutions for Interdependent survival and sustaining the Earth’s shared ecosystem, the evolution of life has already inspired and led the way for us.