The Sound of Seeds (2023)

The Sound of Seeds (2023)

"Do plants hear sounds?" 

"The small, bowl-shaped flowers are ears (radar)", and the plants seem to be able to perceive the sound of water vibrations through their roots, which helps them to establish roots underground. Conversely, when the caterpillar eats the leaves, the leaves' vibrations seem to provoke plants‘ self-protection. 

Light moves along the veins of the plant stem, listening to the vibrations of the air, reflections of the petals, the sound of the dust falling, and bubbles in the water. 

Imagine the silent plants whispering as the sun shines on them and photosynthesis. Seeds germinate, everything revives, life on earth is interconnected and symbiosis, living organisms transmit and receive nutrients compounds, streaming life signals, decay and decompose after death, and return to the cycle of life. 

This film is about light-detecting plants and vibrations that translate into sound signals, and it was shot in the home and botanical garden in autumn and winter.I utilized a photoresistor to detect the subtle changes and vibrations in light, which are converted into audio signals or controlled oscillation frequency through voltage input.

Microscopic plants reveal infinite details and textural sounds. Switching the human perspective to perceive the micro world, becoming a leaf-cutting ant, and walking along the paths of plants. There is jubilation in the emptiness where we are not seeing and listening.