*pulsing sound* a precise rhythms from a spinning star. Light radiation illuminate the dark universe. Dust and heavy objects attracted to the star linger on the surface. Light bends in the ripples of the gravitational field, giant metals slamming to the star are compressed into a thin slice and stretched beyond recognition.

The fundamental particles also evolve differently. After the supernova explosion, the electrons was compressed into the atomic nucleus, merge with protons and form neutrons.

Now I will tell a story of what happened on the Pulsar from the view of a fundamental particle.

All particles wants to belong to the nucleus, which is the initial source and the end. However, one particle is not in the same state as the other; two particles come face to face and either stagger or fight together, some even throwing the other one out of the state! All the particles cannot be concentrated into one point, nor can they reach the nucleus. They wander on the surface of the planet incompatible. The mass collapses as soon as it exceeds the threshold.

The rhythm of life has a period like the vibration of a string, and the time interval between pulses is the best counting clock. Most electrons of pulsar is bound with the nucleus, and the other charged particles form a strong magnetic field as they rotate at high speed. The magnetic lines gradually become visible in its direction. I occasionally became obsessed with these fast lines and interfered with. While the other particles are moving fast, I look into the dark sky. What is behind the utter darkness that are more gravitational than pulsar?

The sky is permeated with red light, and the crust surface is rising like a constantly passing yawn. Only the distant magnetic poles emit impulse, magnetic lines cross the sky from the end of the horizon, concentrating at the other pole, which are the fast slides around the planet. Arcs of light randomly connect between the two magnetic poles, jumping between quantum states.

I follow the magnetic field alone, occasionally turning my body to cross the lines, which at first were only confusing, and took a lot of effort to cross the field in different direction. The most brave one crosses the magnetic field with great effort to move more freely, and its movement — generate currents.

A sound come from the distance, vibrating from far to near.
"It's a Choir!" The choir, composed of charged particles and electrons, there are groups of eight, sixteen and hundreds, joyfully swaying their bodies, rotating, and adjust the spacing - between the queues to create new patterns and tunes, stepping forward and backward on the conductive field. One group is oscillating, and another team resonate, accompany by the pulses of pulsar, the sounds amplify and pitch rise up. The surrounding voice fill the silence with lively tension. As they passes by, the low frequencies go off into the distance again.

After a moment of silence, as if the tide is ebbing.
The orchestra choir is follow by a silent group of dense black spots.
It is a funeral procession. The radioactive elements in the procession are at the end of their lives. Soon, they will all decay into another element. The energy is exhausted and they die. Once the radioactive element is appear, it decays into another one without interruption, the length of time (half-life) is determined from its birth. (α and β decay)

The dying radioactive elements follow the chorus, as if blown forward by a breath. The heat of the light can no longer activate them, they are quivering ashes in the light, held in a chain to each other.

"Has heaven been built?"

"I heard that there was a platform built there, and there was a vacuum shield above it, and constraint in magnetic field, and no particle could penetrate that shield."

"So they go in and don't leave?”

"Yes, that container captures death.”

"What exactly does it become after death?”

"It becomes unseen, unknowable.”

"Wouldn't you see it if you opened the hood again?” 

"Then death escapes."

There are two particles around me discussing where the funeral procession are going. I am silent as the radiation leaking from the radioactive elements concentrate through a small six-petaled flower, making it suddenly sensitive to light and shine.


The annihilation of positron and electron convert to photon, and photon transfer energy to excites the free electron. There is no certain state of life or death, but rather the cycles of energy transformation.

Entropy of the universe increase with the flow of time, from order to disorder. My temperature radiate in the vast space until the space is the same temperature as me. When the entropy of the universe reaches its maximum, all other effective energy in the universe is transformed and dissipated, and all temperature reach thermal equilibrium.

I am roaming around the pulsar, crossing the magnetic lines and moving in the other direction. The pulsar's axis of self rotation offset from the magnetic poles, and I have a dream.

At first, six lives were born on the pulsar, distantly distributed on the endpoints of the coordinate axis. They grow up in the ground and exchange spacial information, what happens around them and the orientation of the stars on the sky, stored in their common memory — Blue field. Then, they start to communicate ideas, all ideas are circling around into a consensus. They think in the rotation period of the pulsar, no puzzle cannot be solved in 30 revolutions. Every life is the collective consciousness of six lives. The memories in blue field are transmitted and accumulated at same time, they are slowly weaving a web of stories on the pulsar.

Time passes, a point of light in the sky gradually zooming in — the twin of pulsar. Spinning faster and faster, the sky is obscured by another star as seen from the pulsar, flickering bright and dark.

Two stars orbit around each other, they rotate inward over time to the center of gravity waves. Eventually, they collided — Two stars merged, bursted brightest gamma ray, created a bipolar light impulse and dispersed into nebula. In 1 milliseconds, the merger formed a magnetic field, the number of lives multiplied exponential, the frequency of communication become faster and stronger. The new star appears as an infinite crossed pattern, from a ray of the collision, I bursted into life.



天空永远漆黑、寒冷,几粒光点挂在天上。自从我出生,光地就是生命的来源。它释放出热,经过我吸收转化,冷却的废料排进更寒冷的天空。我和星球密不可分,天空是黑暗的排污口。多数生物被固定在地上,一动不动。吸引来 的尘埃和重物也会在表面停留。巨大的金属砸向星球会被引力场压缩成薄薄一片,先有光线弯曲,再看见被拉伸至不可思议的物质。


所有的核子生命都想归属于星球的内核,内核是源和终。然而任一个核子生 命不会与另一个处于同一态,一个核子生命迎面走来,要么错开,要么扭打在一起,有的甚至要把另一个抛向地外!所有核子生命不可能集中成同一个点, 也永远抵达不了内核。它们在地表游荡,戍边,敌对,不相容。质量一大过临界值就立刻塌缩而亡。

*脉冲声* 生命的节奏像琴弦一样周期振动,脉冲之间的时间间隔是最好的计 数时钟。脑波时而有噪音,是长期接触高频率的电磁波导致的。星球九成的电子被束缚在原子核里,高速旋转时其它带电粒子形成了强大的磁场。因为能分辨微小的频率,磁感线在视野里逐渐变得有形。我偶尔有些沉迷于这些疾速的细细的线,反而受到了干扰。其他核子生命健行移动的时候,我望向乌有的天空。那宽容的黑暗后面有比核子星质量更大的东西吗?




“是合唱团!”合唱团简直像一场自然灾难。核子生命八个、五十个、上百个 一组,欢快地摆动身体,旋转,调整队伍之间感应的间距,生成新的曲调与回路。使落在它们地盘上的任何物体都能奏出音乐。一个小队在地壳上敲打出异常的节奏,另一小队也敲打出相同的与之共振,在前进或后退的步伐之间演奏出变化的旋律,伴随着星球恒常的脉冲波与周围电场的嗡嗡声。陡然响起的重音,周围的寂静中充满了活泼的张力。当它们经过时,低频逐渐消失在远方。



队伍里的核子生命已经走到了生命的末期。身体缩小,看上去就像小黑点。 很快,他们会全部衰变成另一种元素。能量殆尽,死亡。核子生命一出生就会不间断地衰变成另一种元素,时间的长短是诞生时组成的元素决定的。一诞生就确定死亡的一刻。核子生命吸收光地的能量,与电子结合,衰变释放出射线和看不见的粒子,这是他们的新陈代谢。














宇宙的熵随着时间的流逝而增加,从有序到无序。我的热量散逸在广袤的空间,直到宇宙与我的温度相同。当宇宙的熵达到最大值时,宇宙中所有其他有效能量都被转化,消散而达到平衡 — 热寂。




起初六个核子生命露出了星球表面,它们距离遥远,分布在星球的六个端点。它们的根扎在光地中,从不移动。开始,它们交换空间位置信息,并储存在蓝田里。后来,它们开始交流想法,以核子星旋转的时序串联成完整的思 想,没有什么难题无法在三十转以内解决。每个核子生命都处于六个生命的叠加态中。蓝田中的信息速度一致地传递增长,编织着星球的梦境与记忆网。

时间流逝,天空中的一个光点逐渐放大 — 一颗新的脉冲星。其围绕核子星旋转的速度越来越快,从核子星上看到天空被它的光芒遮住,忽明忽暗轮转。

两颗星围绕着对方旋转,相互吸引而不碰撞,随着时间的推移,它们向内旋转到引力涟漪的中心。最终,它们相撞了— 两颗核子星合并,迸发出最亮的伽 马射线,磁矩旋转着无数弧光波动的桥,爆发出双极光脉冲,分散到星云的光晕中。在1毫秒内,合并形成了新的磁场,双星核融合,核子生命以序数成 长,生命的数量相乘,以指数增加,交流的频率越来越强,星球表面出现了无限交叉的纹路。梦的最后一束光线中,我从蓝田出生,我被赋予意识,也是传递介质。