Radio Tree

Radio Tree

Eardrums vibrate with butterfly’s wings

Echos of a vibrating bouncing off the moon

Electromagnetic waves from the Earth to the Moon take about 2.7 seconds to arrive, measuring distance in terms of delay. I hear the echoes singing to me. Sensing change will become the change, determine my space in the midst of it.

Navigate on the fluctuating sea, light reflect twice through a sextant’s lenses, the reflection angle determine the incident angle of the sun, every turns have indirect connections. The axis of gyroscope standing in balance makes the world go around.

Listen to the momentary silence between rise and fall — rhythm interval, rhythm is the structure of time, the stroke and friction of clock. Listen to the noise until the hearing threshold — all noise that bind everything together, neither words nor silence.

From now to the last moment, we hear the echoes from the depths of time.

Radio (wild)

Electric signals in nature

In the natural world, the "network" takes on a more abstract form as the interconnected living networks of life forms become intertwined. A living mycelium network connects the trees and plants in the forest. Fungi symbiosis with plants and have a channel to transmit and receive nutrients and water in the soil, such as the carbon compounds sent by trees to other plants and seedlings. Some orchids can hack the network to parasitize...... In the forest, the soil community is a rich medium for fungi to decompose decaying wood and inorganic materials and spread widely.

Contrary to the internet of human society, electromagnetic waves compile and interpret meanings in signals, data, sounds, and images, allowing for communication across time and space. The drifting clouds in the sky reflect the messages sent from the ground. If the "network" is the set of shared consciousness, will consciousness unite?

The Radio tree rise growing in a signal-shielded area. Its foliage absorbs and scatters light freely, hence the seven colors of its leaves, reflects the wavelengths of sunlight. So their branches grow and their foliage are lush as language, hundreds of leaves swaying, and orienting blades, writing the signals of light.

The sun shines through the clouds, healing the scars of the sky, an iridescent scan, the sun flower spirals unfolding at its heart so that each inflorescence can shine an equal amount of light.

Like a beetle creeping on a space station, I decipher a series of light signal from the radio tree overhead, and modulate into sound. Radio Tree, are you the only one in this area I can communicate?

The song spreads along the roots of the tree, touching hard minerals, soft aquifers, earthworms and other roots. Those touches of the root tips flow back, triggering a new round of growth and then flow further away. Flow in the feedback loop of the endless river.

Stretching the string rise up the voltage and unintentionally triggers the harmony of invisible vibrating strings. I hear the melody of infinite strings playing one after another.

Are they the rays of the sun? or electromagnetic waves? or a radio broadcast with meaning on board? I sustain the tension of my string.

Relax it, the resonance disappears. And stretch it to open the space again. Some ghosts are playing here.

If the world is made up of invisible strings, a particle is not a point, but a small ring of constant vibration string. The world is full of strings, each of which plays a different sound. All the sounds play the harmonious cosmos.